Motorola GP688 - MDH38RDH9CK6AE


Please note this radio has now been discontinued by Motorola. There are other suitable options available for you. Please contact us for further information.
All accessories for this product (batteries etc) are still available.


The small and smart GP688 offers all the functionality of the popular GP680 but one third smaller and lighter. Its size and weight makes it particular suitable for more demanding users in large organizations with complicated communications requirements.

The radio helps to protect vulnerable workers with Emergency Signalling triggered by pressing the bright orange Emergency Button which sends a help signal to a pre-defined person of group of people.

The Time-out Timer allows for more efficient use of the radio channels by limiting the amount of time for which a user can transmit. Missed Call Alerts makes returning an unanswered call easy. Dynamic Regrouping allows radio talkgroups and preferences to be changed remotely, keeping radios in use in the field. The GP688 is not option board capable.

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1 x 14 char. Backlit display
6 - key Menu keypad
Full Numeric Keypad
Rotary Switch continuous
2 Side Buttons and Top Emergency Button
MPT1327 Signalling
Wideband and Programmable Channel Spacing
X-Pand Voice Compression and Low Level Expansion
Four Programmable Personalities (MPT and/or Conventional)
Missed Call Alerts
Ease of Use - Menus
User Information - Caller Identification
Talkgroup Select etc.
Dynamic Regrouping