Motorola PMLN4651 DP2/DP3/DP4 2

Motorola PMLN4651A is the genuine Motorola 2" (small) belt clip for all DP2000, DP3000 & DP4000 (including E version) series radios (not DP3441).

Compatible Radios:
DP2400, DP2600, DP3400 & DP3401 GPS, DP3600 & DP3601 GPS, DP4400 & DP4401 GPS, DP4600 & DP4601 GPS, DP4800 & DP4801 GPS
Not DP3441/DP3661: This belt clip is not compatible with the DP3441 and DP3661. Both of these radios require the PMLN7559A belt holster which includes a belt clip.



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Motorola PMLN4651 DP2/DP3/DP4 2" Belt Clip
Part Number: PMLN4651
Attachment Type: Belt Clip
Belt Swivel: N/A
Stock Status: Usually In Stock
Lead Time: Usually dispatched within 1 business days.
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Technical Information:
Type / Group Carrying Solutions
Height (mm) 50
Weight 70.0000
Brand Motorola
Model DP2/3/4 Small Belt Clip
Manufacturer Part Number PMLN4651A
Also Known As PMLN4651
Compatible With DP2400, DP2600, DP3400, DP3401, DP3600, DP3601, DP4400, DP4401, DP4600, DP4601, DP4800, DP4801