Tekk XU-100

Small, Smart, Slim & Powerful

Offering the flexibility of being used in either licence free mode or as a fully licenced radio. The XU-100 "Sprint" with its user friendly compact design, provides reliable communications at the touch of a button. Ideal for a wide range of applications, this model is small enough to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and light enough to rest easy on your belt.

Rugged and robust to meet high military specifications, the XU-100 "Sprint" is the ideal radio for the licence free user who requires a small, lightweight radio for either business or leisure purposes.

What Paramount say

"The Sprint radio is the smallest and lightest of the licence free radios which have been designed to handle both business and leisure use. This makes it exceptionally light to carry around making it ideal for light industry use where users are often moving around. As with all PMR446 (licence free) radios, it is available to be used anywhere within Europe without having to comply with individual countries licencing regulations."

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16 Groups or 128 Channels
Instantly Compatible with All Other Licence Free Radios
Lithium Ion Battery As Standard: allows for longer battery life
Rugged & Splash Resistant: high level resistance for shock, rain & dust
Channel Scan: allows different channels to be monitored
Key Lock
Vox Operation: voice operated transmit for hand free use