Paramount Radio Communications provides a wide range of services such as GPS Tracking.

On a satellite-based system, our Two-Way Radio communication service provides an extra focus and care on your upcoming project. Our main objective is to provide to you, your organizations, so our customers the best tracking and location system to navigate at the time and place that you wish. GPS-equipped Two-Way Radios make it possible for dispatching software to track the whereabouts of workers. The advantages for businesses using remote labour are numerous. Built-in GPS radios allow a faster reaction to emergency or business-critical circumstances wherever staff members are operating throughout your premises.

GPS features in a wide range of Two-Way Radios series such as Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO, Hytera mobiles, and Two-Way Mobile including even more location capabilities. In emergency situations or to make sure your staff are at the correct place at the right time, it might be useful to know where they are right now. On top of that, GPS tracking may be utilised to determine the user’s travel patterns and follow their general activity.

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We hold an extensive range of walkie talkie radios from the leading brands. For further information on which Radio System is right for you, please Contact Us.

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