Indoor Positioning Systems

Paramount Radio Communications provides a wide range of radio systems, designed upon request, such as a Indoor Positioning.

An Indoor Positioning System (IPS) allows users to locate one or more persons and items within a building. IP systems typically built of two components: Anchors and Location Tags. As a matter of fact, those links are devices installed in the structure, whereas tags are worn by the person or thing whose position is of interest.

On top of that, utilizing software such as TRBOnet made possible to track the indoor location of radio users via Bluetooth. Immediate awareness of the position of people or items has become critical for the delivery of services in a variety of sectors.

However, tracking innovations like GPS fails to locate persons who are within a structure. This is due to the fact that GPS technology relies on satellite communications in orbit. When there is no direct view, these severely weakened signals make indoor location detection difficult.

The triumph of global positioning systems and the mobile revolution have permanently altered our relationship with technology. So interior navigation and location systems have emerged to serve this function, providing real-time location information in interior spaces.

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