Paramount Radio Communications plays at Insomnia 69 Gaming Festival

Paramount Radio’ news this week is all about video games, at the Insomnia 69 Gaming Festival!

In the last week of August, the NEC at Birmingham hosted the Insomnia Gaming Festival. On this occasion, our team not only supplied Two-Way Radio, but also designed and installed a bespoke, cost effective system. As the event organizers required an intricate radio system for reliable communication across the venue. During a full 3 day experience, over 100,000 visitors from all around the world attended and participated to one of the UK’s largest gaming festivals, Insomnia 69.

For this gaming festival, if not one of the most acknowledged and recognized on a international scale, organizers have programmed for months the esports events. That included a panel discussion on esports jobs. In light of this, Esports News UK covered a large portion of the action at the Insomnia 69 Gaming Festival. 

Additionally, attendees may expect Insomnia-only events, revelations, and competitions. Such as Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, Rocket League, League of Legends and more. On the schedule, visitors had the opportunity to watch A Just Dance competition, a cosplay masquerade, and a cosplay championship. Moreover, Insomnia really hosted a variety of seminars by business leaders and other speakers. As a matter of fact, numerous well-known and well-recognized companies in the exposition hall, including Intel, presented previously unreleased information regarding its future Intel Arc graphics cards.

We triumphantly met our clients’ requirements and actively involved in helping the security, safety and smooth running of the event. With that being said, the Two-Way Radios – together with batteries as well as earpieces. Paramount walkie talkie equipment provided a full coverage across all departments and halls of the venue improving the immersive experience of the festival. 

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