Paramount with Backyard Cinema

Paramount partners with Backyard Cinema in 2 locations in the UK! 

We officially announce with great pleasure our partnership with Backyard Cinema. The cinema not only has a venue in London, but recently opened their doors in Manchester. This venue invites you, your family and friends to enjoy a unique outdoor experience in a comfortable and intimate atmosphere whilst watching your favourite movies for this Halloween Edition. In other words, The Backyard Cinema is an independent cinema showing a wide selection of movies in a variety of iconic and immersive locations.  

For this long-term hire contract,  we supplied Hytera Two-Way Radios along with earpieces. In reality, when Paramount partners with Backyard Cinema this also means providing extra services. Upon request, we provided on-site services. For example, if any equipment or frequencies had to be verified, a qualified team member would be called. For additional guidance, our customer service team provide additional support as soon as possible.

Overall, our main principle is to respect the terms and conditions of the contract established by both parties. In the course of time, we attempt to assure a smooth and efficient running for your organizers and security teams.

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