Paramount supplying Stylist Live 2022

From the 11th to the 13th of November 2022, Paramount supplies Stylist Magazine Live Event 2022 with Two-Way Radios! 

From make-up stands to live talks, the event shed light on a wide variety of topics such as self-esteem, self-love and mental health. It also vocalized the importance of women in the workplace and in businesses mostly male dominated. In addition to that, this edition explores the representation of diversity in the fashion world, through online advertising , billboards or even runways. It is fair to say that, the event represents a real source of inspiration with engaging and insightful discussions.

Furthermore, Stylist Magazine promoted women-owned cosmetic brands, such as Max Factor. This moment is an opportunity to give more credibility as well as outline the success of multiple businesses led by women. With that being said, this edition really puts the accent on women empowerment, playing crucial roles in the beauty industry too. 

Paramount Radio’s team provided Stylist Magazine organiser’s crew with Two-Way Radios as well as advanced telecommunications equipment. In doing so, we show a form of support for engaging events where people create, learn and share. Finally, we aim to reflect on the importance of communication in various environments and will continue to help in sharing powerful messages. 

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