Hytera AP585 Handheld Two-Way Radio

Description and Features

Hytera AP585 Handheld Two-Way Radio is the ideal option for immediate communication for your business. The lightweight and compact AP5 series has a 3W speaker that can provide loud, clear audio so you can hear and be heard in noisy places.

Moreover, in their most basic configuration, AP5 radios have an amazing 18 hours of battery life. Users can use a power bank or any other type-C USB charger to charge the radios while they’re on the go. The AP5 also makes sure you stay connected and productive. Thanks to their longer range and features that increase efficiency and production. Please contact us for more information.

Technical Information

  • Brand: Hytera
  • Manufacturer Part Number: AP585
  • Group/Type: Handheld Two-Way Radio
  • Bluetooth: Yes
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