Hytera MNC360 PoC Mobile Radio

Description and Features

Firstly, the MNC360 Mobile Radio is a cellular and tough mobile radio using push-to-talk (PoC) technology. Therefore making it the perfect vehicle-installed device for those in the transportation, logistics, public service, and utility sectors. In fact, it provides coverage over large, constantly-changing geographic areas.

Moreover, the integrated 4-watt speaker includes features like distortion suppression, howling suppression, and advanced noise cancellation technology. This allows the mobile radio to deliver clear and powerful audio, even in noisy environments such as construction sites or busy streets.

Additionally, MNC360 serves as a safety aid, issuing alerts for speeding and driver fatigue to promote a secure journey. Its features also make it easy to use and adaptable. Utilising a traditional remote speaker microphone (RSM) with a wired PTT button, it provides users with the typical push-to-talk functionality.

On top of that, it includes a 2.0″ LCD display, and four programmable buttons. For safety measures, the radio programmable keys are disabled while driving, aiding the driver in concentrating on the road. Finally, an external USB Camera can link with MNC360 to function as a dash camera, capturing journey specifics. Please contact us for more information.

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Hytera MNC360 PoC Mobile Radio

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