Hytera TC-320 Licence Free Two-Way Radio


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Description and Features

Hytera TC-320 Licence Free Two-Way Radio is a light, durable, and strong enough radio to withstand a 1.5 meter drop thanks to its design. Plus, it comes with a double injection modelling and anti-skid technology. Therefore bringing to the user a comfortable and convenient operation experience. It is also operational over long periods of time without struggle.

Next, Hytera TC-320 comes with a standard 1700mAh Li-Ion battery capable of operation for up to 10 hours. Then, an included power switchblade adjusts the power in order to extend battery life. Along with the low power enabled whilst communicating at a short range.

Yet, another battery saving for the TC-320, features auto battery save mode. In doing so,  the radio would enter this mode signal when there are no transmissions. Eventually, it is prolonging life through lowering the battery consumption.

Small, Sleek, Light

The TC-320 comes with the capability to communicate via VOX Voice Activation. While using the supplied headset users are able to communicate hands free in the working environment. Furthermore, PC Programmable enables the radio to be programmed without the need for dismantlement. Whilst also having the ability to clone a function parameter of a radio to another via the use of a clone cable.

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