Hytera TC-610 Analogue Handheld Two-Way Radio


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Professional Analogue Two-Way Radio 

Firstly, Hytera TC-610 Two-Way Radio meets IP66 Rating, waterproof and withstanding dust. In fact, the device operates in water down to 3 meters. The box includes a standard 1200mAh Li-Ion battery that operates up to 12 hours. The compact design represents a great starter radio for any user in any environment and very affordable whilst also holding a variety of features.

Moreover, the analogue device comes with 16 programmable channels making it a great option for a small team of users. Along with this the channel scanning feature check through all the channels for activity. Once an activity found, the feature automatically stops and start sending audio transmissions.

Additionally, the voice activation feature (VOX) allows your communications hands free operations with a compatible accessory. Another feature available is the Timeout feature, when pushing the PTT button for a long time, it will disable the button making it temporarily unable to send audio frequencies.

Finally, the Hytera TC-610 Two-Way Radio is easy to set up straight out of the box. So, by simply screwing the antenna into place and attaching the battery to its back. An energy saving mode will extend the battery life and will also notify you when your battery needs charging.

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