Hytera TM-610 Analogue Mobile Radio


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High Performance, Simple, and Compact

Firstly, Hytera TM-610 Mobile Radio features a large 15-segment LCD to display channels across zones. Whilst both the display and keypad illuminate to provide visibility for night time operations. Also, a channel capacity of 128 allows for sufficient communications between a team. Where a 16-zone capacity allows these spread out between differing segments of your business.

Moreover, a Lone Worker feature provides further safety and security for your team. In fact, the optional function helps monitor activity levels from the radio of your team member. As a result, in case of emergency or if a colleague is unresponsive, an alarm alerts all other radios within the fleet for a pre-set period of time.

Indeed, Hytera TM-610 Radio benefits from a voice compandor audio enhancement. And with a powerful 5w internal or 13w external speaker, both ensuring clear and crisp sound even in the noisiest of working environments.

Finally, a public address feature allows for microphone audio to be fed through a powerful PA amplifier to the external speaker. Thus, allowing clear transmission even when the operative isn’t inside their vehicle.

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