Motorola DP3441e Digital Two-Way Radio

Now Your Ready For Anything

Firstly, Motorola DP3441e Two-Way Radio replaces the discontinued Motorola DP3441 Two-Way Radio. So, the brand new device comes with this dynamic evolution of MOTOTRBOTM advanced technology and functions. Therefore, helping your team to be more agile, better connected and safer.

Moreover, wherever you’re on the move, the slim, powerful and reliable DP3441 can always be right by your side. Plus, the device is designed for the mobile professional who needs effective communications.

Additionally, the radio has a compact design and high-performance integrated voice and data. So, these next-generation radios deliver comprehensive connectivity to your organisation. Even more, it offers IMPRES Audio and an Intelligent Audio with a volume automatically compensates for background noises.

Finally, built to face critical situations, the radios Transmit Interrupt, provides the ability to interrupt a call in cases of emergency. Also, with the IP Site Connect feature, the radio can operate for use for up to 15 sites in emergency situations too. Please contact us for more information.

Description and Features

  • 32 Channels
  • Integrated GPS Receiver
  • Emergency Button: to alert supervisor or dispatcher in an emergency situation
  • Direct Mode
  • Integrated Analogue with 5 Tone Signalling
  • Voice Announcement: tells you which channel you have selected
  • Over The Air Programming (OTAP)
  • Capacity Plus: single site digital trunking

Included In The Box

  • Antenna
  • 1600mAH Slim Battery
  • Single Charger
  • Belt Clip Carry Holder
  • Manual Guide
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