Motorola Evolve LTE Handheld Two-Way Radio

Motorola Evolve Android LTE Wave PTX Handheld

Motorola Evolve LTE Handheld Two-Way Radio operates via the use of both cellular and Wi-Fi networks. Evolve has the look and feel of a modern day smartphone with a 5″ Gorilla Glass touchscreen display and 3 Android hard keys situated below for navigation. Evolve also offers worldwide communications capabilities.

Next as the majority of smartphones, Evolve is running on an Android 10.0 operating system. Internally the radio has 64 GB of internal storage of RAM allowing all applications and device itself to run smoothly in constant use. Whilst also delivering and storing data such as messages, schematics and diagrams. Motorola Evolve Wave is expandable up to 128 GB via the use of a micro-SD card.

Furthermore, Motorola Evolve requires a micro-SIM for operation via these networks. Then are two SIM slots where the user has two separate ID’s, with the operator or business. It has then the choice between either private or public networks or two of the same.

It has passed every MIL-STD-810G tests to ensure its reliability in a variety of environmental conditions. Not only Evolve resistant to dust, but also waterproof for extended periods of time.

Two-Way Radio Bluetooth

  • Bluetooth connectivity will allow audio accessories to stay connected to the radio wireless via Bluetooth.
  • Please  Note – Bluetooth is only available on some models and not added later.


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Description and Features

  • There are three programmable buttons mapped to regularly used features with one of them also doubling up as a lock/unlock key.
  • There is a volume/power knob on top of the device. Alongside this, a channel rocker for the user to flick up or down in order to change channels rather than the usual rotary knob.
  • Motorola Evolve is charged via a micro-USB cable plugged directly into a socket, although there is the option of a multi charger (2 external charging contact)
  • Standing at a height of 154 mm, a width of 78 mm, depth of 17 mm
  • IP68 protection rating

Included In The Box

  • 1x Evolve Radio
  • 1x USB Cable

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