Motorola NNTN8383 Remote Speaker Microphone with Audio Jack

Description and Features

This RSM features IMPRES technology, superior audio by suppressing ambient noise, voice intelligibility and amplifying quiet transmissions. Communicate clearly in difficult weather with this Remote Speaker Microphone featuring Wind porting technology.

In addition to this, the RSM reduces wind porting the whining and howling sounds of wind blowing across your remote speaker microphone while preventing water from clogging the microphone, for clearer transmissions.

Motorola Solutions’ Industrial Noise Cancelling (INC) Remote Speaker Microphones are designed to be heard above all noise. The fully submersible INC RSM perform with MOTOTRBO digital radios in extremely noisy, dirty and difficult environments.

Along with the rugged construction, and exceptional noise cancelling, NNTN8383 overcomes excessive noise such as pounding jackhammers, banging equipment, and sirens. An innovative dual-microphone design isolates your voice, background noise to ease communication.

Technical Information

  • Brand: Motorola
  • Manufacturer Part Number: NNTN8383
  • INC: Industrial Noise Cancelling
  • Group/Type: RSM
  • Intelligent IMPRES
  • Audio Jack: Yes
  • Wind porting: Yes

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