Walkie Talkies for Chelmsford Racecourse

This season, we supplied Walkie Talkies for Chelmsford Racecourse and their security team!

First and foremost, Chelmsford City Racecourse opened their doors  in 2015. The new racecourse located in Essex hosts horse races on their tracks with a full day experience. Since, the venue has become one of the busiest racecourses in the country. Thanks to its popular All Weather Polytrack, they aim to host 51 major encounters in 2022. 

Throughout the year, tickets holder, partners and sponsors are welcomed to try out their restaurant, lounge and even enquire for private or corporate event. Moreover, Chelmsford Racecourse became the home fore multiple entertaining events, with performances like Sigma, Ministry of Sound and the upcoming Clockstock Halloween & Chelmsford Fireworks!

Thus, we have been at the forefront supplying Walkie Talkies for Chelmsford Racecourse and their security team at events. Two-Way Radios were Paramount to their operation, allowing to easily pass messages to their team members. Finally, we aimed to guarantee a safe environment for the events. Especially, when they hold events with a high number of attendees, our telecommunications help with the organisation whilst respecting crowd control protocols.

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